What Topics You Should Never Choose For A School Essay

When you are writing your school essay, you should take caution with your topic. You don’t want to bring down your writing scores with a bad topic when the purpose of your writing is to make you stand out. So avoid the following:

  1. Don’t recreate an essay you found online. Essays that have already won awards are well known to a university or review board. You can read published essays to observe the tone, style, and optics, but don’t rewrite the exact topic in your words.
  2. Don’t write about a clichéd victory in sports. Don’t write about that time you led your team to victory when the odds were against you. Almost every high school student who has ever played a sport has one of these stories and while they might seem unique to you, admissions officers and teachers have likely read hundreds of them already. Try a fresher perspective.
  3. Don’t write about an inspirational person but forget about yourself. Many students who are asked to write about someone who influenced their life and how, will go on and on about what a great political inspiration so-and-so was or how awesome their mom is, but they fail to bring that back around and write about how that person was an inspiration on them! The point of this essay is to talk about yourself too.
  4. Don’t copy the latest headline and write about how the biggest national crisis affected you. If you are going to write about a crisis in the news, try something more local.
  5. Don’t whine about how sad your life is. If you want to write about adversity in your life, that is fine, so long as you write about how you overcame it or how that struggle influenced you. Don’t just take this opportunity to list why it’s a hard knock life. Don’t complain, don’t look for sympathy, and don’t make yourself out to be the victim with no power to change the situation. Focus on the positives in that bad situation and how you learned to overcome it.
  6. Don’t talk about criminal activities. Sure, you may have learned some valuable lessons from a run in with the law, but your school essay is not the time nor the place to talk about what violence or illegal drugs taught you.
  7. Don’t be funny. Humor is in the eye of the beholder. Your humor may not come off the way you want it, and that will only end in a bad grade for you.
  8. Finally, don’t be sarcastic. Thinking out of the box is fine, but being sarcastic will only make you seem arrogant or flippant rather than intellectual.

Published on  June 8th, 2016


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