How to Write a Descriptive Essay: Checking the Instructions

Writing a descriptive essay is usually a complicated ordeal that students absolutely hate. These essay papers must be very detailed in order to get the proper recognition, but they must also provide factual information that gets the attention of the reader. One of the most important things that you can do when writing this type of essay is to check the instructions. It seems so simple, yet so many students make their essay so much harder simply because they failed to check the instructions that were given to them.

What are Instructions?

The instructions in a descriptive essay writing assignment are just like instructions that you would have anywhere else. These are given to you by the instructor and indicate how something is supposed to be done, in this case the essay.

The essay instructions will include information such as the number of paragraphs, the writing style that should be used, the number of words and perhaps even writing prompts that should be used to create the paper.

The Importance of Understanding

Once you understand the task that you have been given you can begin completing all of the research that is required, taking notes, making your outline and your rough draft and of course the actual essay paper itself. You can always refer back to the instructions as you go along, and this is advisable as it make it far easier to write the paper quickly.

Ensure that you are completing each section as you go. This is something that makes your paper easier to write. Looking at it in pieces is easier than looking at it as a whole. Pay attention for any special instructions or recommendations in the instructions as well. You do not want to leave these things out because they are just as important as the rest of the paper!

Help for the Writing style

If you’re reading instructions and find that there is something that you do not understand, there are many different sources that can help you learn this information as well. In most essay writing cases the instructions indicate that you should write in general, or AP style. However there is also mla style as well as a few others. Pay attention to this in the instructions. You can find help for any writing style on the web, in your textbooks, from friends or the professor and in journals.

Published on  June 8th, 2016


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