Student Essay Writing – a Good Business?

There’s a lot of back-and-forth about student essay writing businesses these days. Due to the increasing popularity of such services, individuals have begun examining them more closely. To explain, a student essay writing business basically writes assignment for students. If you need a book report on How to Kill a Mockingbird, they’ll write you one for a low charge. This has met with both enthusiasm and outrage. The question is still up in the air: are student essay writing businesses good for students? Or are these businesses damaging our youth?

The Dichotomy: Schools vs. Essay Services

The negativity surrounding student essay writing services stems from years of accusations from the educational field. For decades, public and private education has shouted the immoralities of essay writing services. It’s a cheap way out; it’s like lying to you school; it’s plagiarism; it’s dishonest. The list could go on forever. Let’s address the other issue occurring here, though. Aren’t school curriculum twice, even three times as advanced today as they were twenty years ago? Isn’t all teaching pointing towards standardized testing, instead of actual content learning? Aren’t school systems pushing their students to do too much, too fast? Where are the answers to these questions? Don’t schools recognize that their students are exhausted, overwhelmed and unhappy? Before schools point their accusatory fingers at the essay writing services, perhaps they should be seeking the reason that this service is in such high demand.

Essay Writing Services as Supplementary Help

To be perfectly frank, there is usually nothing seedy, dishonest or immoral about student essay writing services at all. Student essay writing is, most often, a positive, helpful business because it aids learners overwhelmed by academic expectations. Not everyone learns at the same rate, and not everyone learns in the same way (contrary to what the educational system may lead you to believe). By trying to force students into the same mold, you end up breaking a few of them along the way. Student essay writing services are, at their core, trying to assist students ignored or underrepresented by the system. These students still have a right to pass their classes, go to college and achieve degrees, don’t they? Where the educational system has failed, writing services are seeking to provide some support – some crutch for needy students to lean on.

Overall, student essay writing businesses are a result of an imperfect school system – not greediness, immorality or laziness. Put aside all the biases you’ve been led to believe and see it plainly. Student essay writing services are aiding students that, otherwise, would ‘fall through the cracks’ and lead miserable lives. Don’t disparage student essay writing businesses; they provide a crucial need to the academic community, and an invaluable service to students’ futures.

Published on  December 19th, 2022


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