How to write a Case Study: Structuring your Paper

Case studies are very important piece of writing in a student’s career. They are also rendered as an effective promotional tool for various businesses. They help the business in promoting its product or service by giving an insight to the business and increasing product awareness among the target audience of a business. This kind of business writing is not very complex but it needs strategic thinking and sound formatting. If you plan the structure of your case study well then you will definitely get a good case study that is effective and engaging.

Purpose of a case study

Case studies aim to tell and show how a particular problem was faced by the business. They tell what steps the business took in solving those problems and tackling with the issue that caused those problems. At the end of a case study a brief summary is provided that concludes the whole case study.

Length of a case study

Case studies are generally not very long. An average case study ranges from five hundred to one thousand words. Try to write it on three to five pages and insert pictures to keep it interesting.

Structuring your case study

A case study has to be structured in three parts:

  • The problem
  • The solution
  • Conclusion

The first section is the problem where you have to hook the reader. It should be something that the reader can relate to and find some interest in. Here you have to come up with a problem that you will later address in your case study.

Support your answer

This is very critical portion of the case study where you are supposed to justify your answer and tell how it helped to resolve the problems in a particular situation. Do not address more than one problem because that will only lead to confuse your reader.


This is the part where you have to summarize your case study. This is where you have to briefly tell what the problem was and what solution did you give for it. You also have to tell why you gave a particular solution and how your solution was the best possible answer.

Writing an effective case study is quite easy if you have structured it well enough. The above mentioned structure is the ideal format for a case study. It will help you write an effective case study.

Published on  June 8th, 2016


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