How to Find Essays Written By Students

Online writing services are everywhere. Their ads pop up across the internet. Around every corner, under every URL, there’s a new one vying for your interest. If you’re a student overwhelmed by the unfair academic expectations of today’s school systems, you understand the driving need to find a great essay-writing service – and fast. There’s something you need to remember before running off to any old business that catches your eye, though. Many of today’s essay writing companies are staffed by college-educated, highly-trained writers. This can be a great asset, but it can also be a bad idea if you’re a younger student.

Why Not Hire a Professional?

Essays written by degree-holding professionals differ extremely from essays written by students – this much should be obvious. Average, everyday students don’t often possess the eloquence, vocabulary, organization and other writing skills that professionals do (at least not to the same degree). When they purchase an essay from a professional, though, they get all that writing skill and expertise along with it. Unfortunately, this is not always a good idea. Teachers are far more likely to recognize suspicious work if it’s superb or above your grade level. You don’t want to be caught with an essay that’s not your own – so you need to find someone that will write your essay the same way you would. You need to find essays written by students, for students.

Student Writers – Where are They?

Finding student-staffed companies is no easy task. Many companies have rigorous standards and don’t allow just anyone – especially those still in school – into their employment. However, student writers are increasing in popularity, and this has led to a higher hiring rate. To locate essays written by students, you can seek out writing services that are specifically staffed by students. Astoundingly, they do exist, and some search-engine magic could easily lead you to one. Freelance websites also tend to attract student writers willing to make a few extra dollars writing essays for others, so navigate some freelance writing sites if you have the time. Professional writing services are also employing more and more student writers, so inquire at their help desks or customer support centers to discover if they employ student writers.

It may take a little extra searching, but trust us – finding essays written by students can save you from some devastating consequences. You’ll still receive high-quality work, but it will maintain the aura of ‘student-written’ that won’t leave your teachers suspicious. You don’t want work written by an academic scholar; you want work that looks as though you wrote it. That’s why student writers are so essential to writing services, and why we encourage you to look for essays written by students whenever you can.

Published on  June 8th, 2016


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