Should Nuclear Weapons Be Totally Banned Or Should Few Nations Be Allowed To Possess And Control Them?

Nuclear weapons have been around for years and are considered one of the world’s most powerful weapons created by man. They are so powerful you can wipe out a town, village or city. They are known for causing serious environmental effects on people and natural sources such as land and water. There are few nations that handle nuclear weapons, but many people feel they should be banned completed because of the harm they cause, especially if they get into the wrong hands.

Banning them seems like a logic idea but some feel it would be impossible due to the possibility of hiding them in a remote area. There are nations that have nuclear weapons for certain reasons, but other countries that do not have them fear they could be caught in the crossfire should a war or terrorist attack occur. Citizens, politicians and government bodies around the world continue to ask about their presence and why are they even needed in the first place. Anyone who is for preventing a war or doing away with any type of weapon that can do bodily harm would vote to ban nuclear weapons. But why are they still being accessed if there is no need for them?

Nations that hold nuclear weapons may feel they need to protect and defend their territory. There are leaders of these nations that refuse to give up their weapons and if you try to negotiate a deal, things can fall through before the weapons are disposed of. Reviewing history in when such weapons were used you would think they would be banned already. There are tests that have been conducted with materials and chemicals found in nuclear weapons with results that are alarming.

It seems no matter how hard you try to paint a horrifying picture of why such weapons should be banned, leaders and some citizens of these nations will still stand behind their decision to keep them. While it is possible to be able to ban such weapons, there would need to be further consideration regarding how to punish those who violate the ban. How would a nation suffer consequences for having such weapons if they were banned? Even if a nation could have a right to possess them, how do you know they will not misuse them?

Published on  June 8th, 2016


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