How to choose science topics for a research paper to impress your professor

Science is popular right now. Some might even say ‘sexy’. As a result, some of the best research topics that can be explored in academia have at least some scientific angle to them. This makes it both easier and harder to impress your professor. The research paper topics listed below can help you get started.

Artificial Intelligence and the 21st Century Surgeon

Improvements in robotics have allowed surgeons to control implements for some time but with improvements in AI, the surgeon may no longer be necessary at all. Your paper could address the limitations of current technology, the complexities of surgery and the likely date when this type of AI will be available.

Mining the Asteroids: Practical Methods of Space Exploration

The mineral wealth trapped in asteroids is astounding. If history has taught us nothing else, it’s that greed will motivate people to get things done. Your paper can explain which technologies can be used to reach the asteroids if unlimited resources are assumed to fund the program. The likely spin off effects of that exploration can also be detailed.

Miniaturizing the Solar Panel: Greater Efficiency at Lower Costs

The need for cleaner fuel has encouraged greater interest in solar energy. More countries are putting resources into harnessing this energy but if it were cheaper and more efficient it could be used worldwide. This has implications for very poor countries with high sun exposure. Your paper could explore the easiest ways this could be achieved.

Achieving Modern Cryogenics

The idea of cryogenics is more science fiction than fact at present but your paper could present a case for how the method could be made to work.

Expanding the definition of life

Space explorers often follower the word “life” with the qualifier “as we know it” when explaining the chances of encountering extraterrestrial beings. This paper could detail the other types of life that may be lurking in the outer corners of the universe. They may be based not on carbon as we are but silicone for instance and therefor not need many of the same conditions as us to survive. Refer to the diversity of life forms on Earth in your discussion.

Your paper will have to not just be believable but creative to truly impress. You need not prove irrefutably, just hypothesize.

Published on  June 8th, 2016


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