Domestic Surveillance

If there is an issue that needs more attention it is the practice of governmental domestic surveillance. This is the practice of the NSA or National Security Agency of using tactics that are clear violations of each citizen’s civil rights. With the rise of technology the NSA has increased the number of observations that they have done to basically spy on the behaviors of all people. There is no freedom that exists, and all text messages, phone calls and email sent is subject to be checked over by the NSA. That is a lot to swallow in the land of the free.

Blind Faith

There are going to be those who will argue that if you don’t have anything to hide then you have nothing to worry about. That is the attitude of a sheep. When there is no real method for determining how this information is used all people are at risk. Throughout the history of the United States people have had the right to disagree with the policies of the government. What is the government collects data to find any opposition and arrests all people because they think differently than the leadership of government. Information obtained through morally questionable channels has already been used to smear opponents of the current president, and it is not farfetched to see opponents of the current wars to be impacted as well. It would take a monumental simpleton to put blind faith in a government agency like the NSA.

Spying is Illegal

Even though many of our rights as Americans have been reduced over the last ten years, we do still have the basic fundamental rights presented to us in the Bill of Rights in the Constitution. Protection from illegal searches and seizures are one of the most prominent. It doesn’t matter what the reason. After 9-11, the American people were in fear of terrorist attack and gave away personal liberty that they may never get back. That threat is much smaller than the very real threat of a government that doesn’t stand for liberty. Each time that a person has their rights violated through an illegal wire tap or the reading of an email that they shouldn’t see, each of us is a little less free.

The people in our history who were proudly fighting in WWII were fighting so that the people in the United States would not feel the repression of the Nazi regime. Yet today, the US government is becoming involved in domestic surveillance that Hitler could only dream about. It is clear that the United States of America is becoming more and more repressive with each succeeding year.

Published on  June 8th, 2016


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