Determine your methods.

Different case studies require different data gathering methods. Some individuals can use surveys and interviews, while others will have to utilize existing research data.

Analyze and organize.

You will possess an overabundance of information after your case study research has been obtained. It’s your job to sort out what data is relevant to your research question.

Propose a solution.

In your essay’s “conclusion,” you don’t want to wrap up without a little closure. Provide some suggestion on possible avenues and solutions to the research question, citing your previous data as support.

How to Write a Case Study Essay

Enlightening, intriguing, and difficult – case studies are all of these things, and more. Applicable to nearly any academic area, case studies often leave students staring blankly at their computer screen, wondering: “how do I get started? I don’t even know what a case study essay is really about!” Case studies are, truly, not so elaborate. According to writers, instead of copying a very broad topic, you’re goal in a case study essay is to analyze, in detail, a “case” – a specific person, event, story, lawsuit, country, etc. Astoundingly, there are a few simple steps towards completing such an essay with ease. These include:

  • Identifying the purpose of the case study. Why are you studying this specific case? Is it to help solve a problem? Understand an issue in more depth? Case studies will often add to the research in a particular field, so make sure you know the reason for yours. Most case studies are guided by research questions such as: what intrinsic factors help produce a profitable business? Or, what teaching methods contribute more positively to a child’s learning? Identify your purpose and questions, and you’ll have a much easier time with the case study.
  • At the same time, the location of your “case” must be determined. For example, if you’re addressing a question on teaching methods, your “case” location will likely be a school. The data-gathering methods, as a result, will likely involve examining the student’s academic performances before and after the implemented teaching instruction.
  • This is the time to develop connections between your case and the question, as well as existing research. (for example: research shows that children who participate in activity-based learning will learn faster, and my case study proves this…) Remember to give background information about your case study before launching in to your findings.
  • However, avoid providing absolute solutions – you want to keep it open-ended, but still propose your theoretical solution.
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