Custom-Written Research Papers: Pros and Cons

When your teacher informs your class that they will be writing a research paper, do you (1) jump for joy, (2) exhale and slide down in your chair, (3) feel the urge to run out of the room, or (4) roll your eyes and begin complaining to your neighbors? If you chose anything but number one, then it is time you learned about custom-written research papers.

In the vast world of the Internet, entrepreneurial geniuses realized that students could no longer find completed writing assignment and turn them in for credit. Since teachers and professors could use plagiarism-checking applications, students either had to write original research paper or they had to find someone else to do it for them. Too many students were getting into trouble by stealing free research papers from online sources. The entrepreneurial geniuses began businesses that allowed students to hire a writer to craft a 100% unique research paper from scratch. By doing this, students could go to work, hang out with their friends, and do anything else other than having to write their research papers.

It may sound like the best business ever created, but custom-written research paper actually have both pros and cons. So, bad news first. These are the cons:

  • Teachers get suspicious.
  • The research papers are expensive.
  • You might have to pay for revisions.
  • The writer’s voice might be different than yours.
  • The site might resell research papers, so your could show up as plagiarized.
  • Your research paper might be poorly written.
  • Non-native English speakers could write it.
  • You could get caught.

These cons are realistic issues that many students have to deal with on a daily basis. Since professional writers are crafting these papers, they often have an advanced tone that many students cannot accomplish. Your professor might recognize this and question whether you wrote the paper or not.

On the flipside, there are many more pros:

  • Someone else writes your research paper.
  • Most of the writers know how to use proper documentation.
  • You can pick your writer.
  • Some sites offer free revisions.
  • In big classes, professors have too many research papers to read to get picky about them.
  • Your research paper should be 100% original.
  • Native English speakers will write it.

If you work with a legitimate, student-centered website, you should not have any problems with the work you submit. If you are worried about your research paper sounding too professional, you can look for a website that only hires student writers, so the language of the paper is more like your language.

Published on  June 8th, 2016


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