How To Select A Dissertation Editing Service

It is important to hire an editor for your dissertation. You have been so immersed in your dissertation for so long that it will be very difficult for you to see what might be missing or where you need to improve.

A dissertation editing service needs to have these qualities:

  • The editors must be experienced with editing dissertations.
  • The editors must be native English speakers.
  • The editing service must be able to meet deadlines.
  • The service must guarantee satisfaction or money refunded.
  • The service should let you choose an editor that you are comfortable working with.

When selecting a good dissertation editing service, look for one that has expert editors. There are many aspects of the dissertation that a professional editor will be able to help with. It goes far beyond getting all the i’s dotted and all the t’s crossed. Proofreading and editing should also pick up on mechanics, structure, format, weaknesses and inconsistencies in logic.

A good dissertation editor will be checking and correcting the following:

  • The writing mechanics including spelling, punctuation and grammar. These are the easiest things for almost any good editor to find and correct. But a good dissertation editor must look for much more. Read on.
  • Enhance the readability; make sure that it flows smoothly from one idea to the next.
  • Check for and make recommendations to repair or improve any gaps in logic between sentences or topics or chapters.
  • Overall organization of the paper including how the outline was set up and followed.
  • Format; especially that it complies with guidelines set out by your advisor or faculty.
  • Check for possible weaknesses or inconsistencies in the argument/question and then give suggestions as to how these should be compensated.

You can learn a lot from a good editor. Someone who is expert at editing and also is willing to teach you the reasoning or rationale behind all of their recommendations is like finding gold. The suggested changes will make more sense to you, and you will see it as an addition to your dissertation rather than someone trying to tear it apart.

A very thorough editing job done on your dissertation makes all the difference in the world to the final product. Many a dissertation has been torn down by the committee simply because of small, annoying problems that could have been easily remedied by a proper proofreading and editing of the paper.

Published on  June 8th, 2016


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