Choosing unspoiled art history essay topics

Needless to say how art defines the cultural history, but going into a museum to see painting and sculptures that were built beautifully from an ancestor is fascinating. This person had left a great piece of work behind for the world to learn from, and taught generations the meaning of art.

Art history is old pieces of illustrations and sculptures built by people to define the era they lived in, showing their customs and their culture. While unspoiled art are the ones that were untouched by man after they were created, may be restored but not rebuilt. Art history essay topic can start with the ancient history art painting that was created in Greece, Rome or Egypt. These were the main areas art was created in the forms of paintings and sculptures. These ancient countries all had the same style in their sculptures and paintings, however they significantly related to the country itself.

For example, Egypt had a Roman Province, which produced Roman related art. Also, it was in a different city (which is Alexandria) however the Pyramids were built in another city, which is Cairo.  


Egypt has several of history art that was found on the Pyramids and other areas. It showed the old kingdom and their culture. It is famous of its monumental sculptures and of course includes the Pyramids and the Sphinx. They used the geometric technique in most of their temples and tombs. Later on the Islamic arts were invented with its beautiful colors and also geometric elegance.

Topics about Egypt

  • Pharaohs and their habits
  • Islamic art


Greece is famous of the pretty and ancient sculptures and pottery that were made from ceramics and marbles. It is also famous for the Acropolis of Athens, which has 21 temples, built in such as the Parthenon, Old Temple of Athena, and Pandroseion. The Acropolis of Athens was built in the 570-550 BC.

Topics for Greece art history

  • Material that was used on the sculptures
  • The different art that was created on their pottery
  • The social nature of the sculptures


It is well known by the Vatican museum, which is full of art history. Pompeii painting is famous paintings the Roman used to paint. It is also well known for the Coliseum and the

Topic about Rome art history

  • The Vatican Museums
  • The Coliseum

Art defined the cultures and customs of the history. People learning about the history of the unspoiled art teach them about their ancestors and their roots. Learning about these topics will feel as if they were visited.

Published on  June 8th, 2016


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