Georgia Harkness

Georgia Harkness (1891-1974) was a prominent American Methodist and a theologian. In the year 1958, she was named the Churchwoman of the year by Religious Society of America.

The lady was born in the year 1891, on the 21st of April to Joseph Wren and Lillie Harkness. Georgia had 3 siblings, who were all elder than her. The town that she was born in was named Harkness, and was located in the New York City. It was named after her Grandfather. She did her graduation from the Cornel University in 1912. After she completed her graduation, she went on to teach high school for 6 years. She had always wanted to follow her passion for Methodist church and so, she went to Boston University to get higher studies in religion. It was the year 1923, when she completed her doctorate degree. During her career, she wrote many books about Christianity and promoted the religion and took significant steps as a leading theologian. She was awarded with the General Federation for Women Award, due to her considerable work in religion in 1941. The magazine Christian Advocate carried out a research in 1947, according to the survey results she stood among the 10 most influential living methodologists. Another magazine ranked her number six in the leading Churchwomen in the year 1952. She was also given honorary degrees from the universities she did her graduation from. Among the books she wrote, one was awarded with a bonus and gained respect among the Christian community for her zealous work for the religion. The critiques appraised her writing style and the originality of her work. Even her colleagues thought that she was the most passionate about her work. She constantly, laid emphasis on the need of having faith and believing in the religion for all that happens. One regularly finds Harkness concerned for the significance that articles of faith ought to bear in practical life. She also opposed the use of atomic weapons in 1950. She was a gem of a person, who has now been forgotten.

Miss Georgia Harkness was professionally a model of purity. In her personal life, she enjoyed a happy family life with her siblings in the New York state. She had a passion for cooking and gardening. In her early teens she found a home for herself in the Christian Church. She devoted her life to the social good and promoted Christianity through her books and her selfless acts.

Published on  June 8th, 2016


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