The most popular Case Study Format

Case studies are usually written in two formats. Both of them are quite popular and depend upon the business to choose the one that suits it the best. The popular case study formats are:

  • Traditional format
  • Feature story format

Both of these formats have their own advantages and can be used by a case study writer according to his choice and the requirements.

The Traditional format 

It is one of the most used formats in writing a case study. The traditional format is also the oldest format adopted by businesses and case study writers. It has the following components arranged in an order. Normally these components are distinguished by headings and sub headings in a case study.

  • Company name and profile
  • Company background
  • The problem
  • The solution
  • Implementation
  • Conclusion

The only changes a case study can have while following this format is the wordings of the headings and sub headings. Or in some cases the case study writer will write the challenges or problem first. The rest of the pattern is fixed.

The advantage

This pattern can be used both for long case studies and the shorter ones as well. The best part of using this format is that the reader does not have any problem in identifying various portions and can easily jump to the part he is looking for.

The feature story format

This format is different from the traditional format in a way that it does not distinguish the portions clearly. It generally has the same order like the traditional format and the components are even same. However there are no definite boundaries between different portions. It progresses like a story and is supposed to draw the reader’s attention from the very beginning.

The advantage

The advantage it has over the traditional method is that it is very engaging and keeps the readers interest for long.

The drawback

However the drawback of this type of case studies is that they need to be written by an expert case study writer who can convert the case study in to a feature story.

Both of these formats have their own unique advantages and drawbacks it depends upon the case study writer to choose the one he is more comfortable writing. It is very important to use only one format and do not switch between various formats. This will give a very bad impression and may even confuse the reader.

Published on  June 8th, 2016


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