Where to find a sample research paper in Chicago style

The Chicago style of formatting and writing a paper is used almost exclusively for those within the Humanities scope of studies, specifically those with a history major. While MLA and APA are used more frequently and give the Chicago style the perception of being archaic, it still has plenty of worthwhile and beneficial information not available in those other books.

Old but good

  • The Chicago Manual provides information on punctuation and other writing tips you will not find in the MLA Handbook or AP Style book.
  • It is a bit more expensive than an MLA or APA guide, but it will help you make sure you have all of your bases covered from a punctuation and grammar standpoint.

The Chicago Manual of Style can be used by everyone, but, as mentioned, it is geared more towards authors or academic writing. The Chicago Style has several noticeable differences than other academic styles.

What defines it

    • The paper will have a title page OR present the title on the first page of the paper.
    • Depending on your instructor’s preference, the title will be listed a third of the way down the title page.
    • Followed by your name and information regarding your class.
    • If your title contains a subtitle, end your title line with a colon and place the subtitle below the title.

    For the main body, there are a few subtle differences you will find.

    Main body

    • Any titles you use in your text, footnotes, or bibliography need to be capitalized “headline style” such that the first words of titles, subtitles, or any other words considered important will be capitalized.
    • Based on the type of work denoted, certain titles used in the text and bibliography will be put inside quotation marks or italics.
    • Books and periodicals are to be italicized.
    • Articles and chapter titles need to be enclosed within double quotation marks.

    Other important differences can be found by taking a look at the references section.

    Citing sources

    • Allow for two lines between the “bibliography” or “references” and your first entry.
    • Every entry following will have one line separating them.
    • List articles alphabetically in letter-by-letter form based on the first word in each entry.

    As for finding a good sample or source for Chicago style research paper, there are plenty of PDF’s available online, or your university library will also have an abundance of proper examples.

    Published on  June 8th, 2016

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