Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is an insurance cover that is available only for a short-term period. It particularly covers expenses and emergencies that are related to travelling. Most international travelers obtain travel insurance for the simple reason that it covers expenses that are medical in nature. This notwithstanding, however, some international travelers prefer their own medical plans. This paper will describe the general travelling policies, including the insurance terms and conditions.

Travel insurance is bought in the country of residence through an insurer. It should be noted that one can buy domestic travel insurance when travelling within his/ her country of residence. Some people, however, prefer to risk rather than buying the domestic travel insurance. In this case, they are most likely to lose costs associated with cancellation of flights and other emergencies.

In some cases, travel agents sell policies that are overpriced because travelers are regarded to be captive audience. Travel insurance policies are interchangeable, and as a result, travelers are advised to compare the costs of the policies. In some cases, travelers can be insured through an existing deal, while in some other circumstances travelers can be insured via credit card companies for any trip that is undertaken as long as a specific credit card is bought. Most business travelers prefer taking a company-wide insurance policy. When it comes to the coverage of medical expenses, travelers are only required to pay claims for medical cover in the country of residence. Even when the medical cover is paid by your government, the same may not be extended to other countries. This notwithstanding, however, some countries such as UK, Australia and Canada have reciprocal agreement with those countries with similar health care system. Unless one is covered by this kind of arrangement, he/ she may be forced to pay for medical expenses that are incurred while on transit. On the other hand, one may find it hard to obtain travel insurance incase of a pre-existing condition like high blood pressure or heart attack. Whenever one is taking an insurance cover, he/ she may be forced to give out information in any existing conditions or medical history before being issued with the cover. It should e noted that some existing pre-conditions may force insurers not to give medical cover even for unrelated events. This will, however, vary from one insure to another. Some conditions like having AIDS, being a recipient of a body organ and terminal illness may lock you out of traveling cover.

In summation, one should thoroughly look into details before taking traveling insurance. This is specifically important when travelling to oversea countries. Insurance covers are difficult to get when one is over 55 years of age. Therefore, there are a number of conditions that one should assess before taking a traveling cover.

Published on  June 8th, 2016


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