Write thesis statement essay: how to start your paper

Starting your paper with a strong thesis statement is often considered a difficult task. You need a good statement that clearly details what the paper is about. It may be a question you are trying to answer or an argument you want to get to the bottom of. Overall, when included in the first paragraph of your paper, it should help hook the reader into reader further, while standing out on its own so the audience knows what to look for. The following suggestions may give ideas on how to start your paper.

Read Sample Essays

If you have no idea on what a thesis statement looks like or how it should read, you can view statement ideas through sample essays. This is a good way to get familiar with the structure of a thesis statement. You can take notes on the details it includes that make it a good statement. You can also look for samples of a bad thesis statement. This is just as important as writing a good strong statement since it may hinder research tasks when not written well.

You can study details to include and avoid. Your educational institution (school), book publications on thesis statement development and even professional writing companies have examples you can review. Just make sure samples you read come from reputable sources so you have a good idea of what is expected of you.

Take Notes on Your Topic

Whatever your topic is about, you should collect enough information to help you form a solid introduction. Your introduction paragraph will have your thesis statement within. Some instructors may recommend having the statement appear toward the middle or end of the intro paragraph.

Yet, this may depend on how you decide to write your introduction. This information should bring the reader into the topic or introduce them to it. This is not exactly a summary since you want to lead the reader into the full body on context that follows. Good notes should give you a better understanding of your topic so you can present details in a more efficient manner.

Write a Rough Draft

Once you have collected notes and researched your topic, you can create a draft paragraph to see what you come up with. Or, you may want to write your thesis statement and then have develop your introduction paragraph based on this statement.

Published on  November 5th, 2013


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