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Bermuda triangle a large mass of water on the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean its area is not well defined and the apex is believed to start from the Bermuda islands, all the way to San Juan, Puerto Rico and the western tip of Miami, Florida. The area has been embroiled in mystery due to the high incidences of disappearance of ships, planes and people in unexplained circumstances.


Some of the famous disappearance of ships resulting in the mystery of the Bermuda triangle include; the US Navy ship that disappeared in March 1918. USS Cyclops and 309 crew members went missing after leaving Barbados. A civilian ship carrying molten sulphur the SS Marine Sulphur Queen also disappeared in February 1963 in the same area. In 1955, a private yacht was found with its crew missing after surviving three hurricanes. In addition to the ships, the area has also witnessed a number of aircrafts disappearances. These include the US military aircraft Flight 19 that disappeared in December 1945 with no physical trace. The TBM Avenger bombers disappeared during a training flight over the area in 1945. The Douglas DC-3 aircraft carrying 32 passengers that also disappeared over the same area in 1958.

These incidences have resulted in development of many theories and speculations regarding the Bermuda Triangle. These incidences have fueled the mystery of the Bermuda with some individuals claiming some form of supernatural powers are present and responsible these incidences. On the other hand, others believe that aliens have a hand in these incidences. Contrary, other have argued that these disappearances are just regular accidents caused by human errors and the hurricanes and storms that are natural occurrence in the area and nothing to do with mysterious forces. They argue back then there navigation equipment were not as advanced as now and thus could not detect storm until meeting them.

Finally, the true cause for these disappearances will remain elusive as time has passed and speculation and theories will continue to surface relating to the true cause of the disappearance and further fuel the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle.

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Published on  June 8th, 2016


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