Writing Persuasive Speeches: How To Impress Your Listener

School is full of stressful activities, but no assignment causes more stress than the dreaded speech. It is common knowledge that public speaking is a major cause of stress for many people. One of the best ways to overcome the stress is to write a speech that is designed to impress the listener. Unfortunately, too many students will just write any old speech just to get the assignment finished. By not putting extra effort into impressing their audiences, students who write dull speeches are already setting themselves up for experiencing a stressful situation. So, to reduce stress, students need to write impressive speeches.

Get Emotional

The first way to impress an audience is to tap into their emotions. Most good speech writers will use humor to get the audience to want to hear more. Listeners are impressed with stories that make them laugh. They are also impressed with stories that will trigger sympathy or empathy. Students will need to practice their openings to get the timing just right. Students should watch speeches from professionals to see how they use humor to get the audience involved. Your humor should be degrading to any gender, race, or disability. The humor you use should be something that everyone should be able to understand. If you can cater your humor directly to your audience, then you have even more success impressing your listeners.

Use Expert Facts

After you write your successful introduction, you are ready to get the audience to agree with your opinion. Students often make the mistake of presenting their opinions without enough support. It is important to remember that you are a student, not an expert, so your opinions are not valid without solid facts as support. Successful speeches will include facts and explanations connecting those facts to your opinion. Your listeners will be impressed when you use facts from recognizable experts, so do not be afraid to include actual names.

Renew the Emotional Connection

Your persuasive speech not only needs a good beginning and solid middle, but it also needs a powerful ending. Your conclusion is the last chance you have to get your audience to believe you are correct. A good speech will keep the audience’s attention until the end. Like the beginning, making an emotional case at the end of the speech will impress the listener. If you can add more humor at the end or tug on the audience’s heartstrings, you will have created a successful speech that the audience will enjoy.

Published on  June 8th, 2016


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