Custom Essay Writing - What Is It?

A custom essay is one that is written specifically for you, about you, using your information and to your individual specifications according to the assignment that was given. When a writing service offers custom essay writing, they are saying that your essay will be written from scratch. The writer will not use any pre-written material that may be very generic in nature.

What is an example of custom essay writing?

A good example of a custom essay would be a personal statement essay. These essays must contain content that is from your personal life story. It makes logical sense that a writing service would take down notes you give to them and craft the personal statement around those. After all, a pre-written personal statement essay would make no sense to use. It wouldn’t be about you or have any elements of your life story in it.

When is custom essay writing essential?

Whenever the essay or paper assigned requires a personal element – that is when a custom essay is essential. For example, the assignment requires that you share an experience from your life. Or maybe the assignment asks you to list off your goals and dreams and then expound on them.

Custom essay writing is just as essential in business settings as it is for students. Sometimes a report, which is similar to an essay, is required in the workplace. In this situation, a custom report is essential. It will likely be based upon a specific event or development that is unique to the job.

How can you tell if it’s quality custom writing?

Quality writing will have certain hallmarks that set it apart from sloppy, unsavory writing. Quality writing:

  • Is free from mechanical errors such as spelling, punctuation and grammar
  • Uses words properly, such as their, there and they’re and that vs. which
  • Uses vocabulary fitting for the level of writing
  • Conforms to accepted standards in style and format for the type of essay or report
  • Answers all the questions posed by the assignment
  • Is written in native English
  • Includes all the personal details that customize the essay/report

If you are going to use an essay writing service, it pays to use one that is willing to write quality custom essays on the spot. Don’t waste your time or resources buying pre-made essays that aren’t customized and perhaps have been sold over and over many times to other unsuspecting customers.

Published on  June 8th, 2016


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