Psychology Research Paper Topic Ideas for College Students

If taking Psychology in college, you can have fun with your essay topics. The study of the mind and behavior can be fun. With Psychology you have innovative thinkers, interesting case studies, and extreme advancements and discoveries. Consider the following topics for a great paper.


  • Grief and its effects- make sure to explore all the emotions
  • Gambling and addictions- the stages and consequences
  • Group therapy advantages and drawbacks- use case studies for examples
  • Kleptomania and the reasons and results-use case studies and specific data
  • Family therapy-why and when it actually works; also how it works
  • Long term and short term memory-what causes the loss and gain
  • Laughter and its healing powers-case studies will be needed
  • Mass suicides-how do they happen
  • The appeal and dangers of cults-mention specific cults and the details
  • Fear of flying-or other fears-the consequences as well as the symptoms
  • 7 step programs and the appeal-name the programs and the different steps
  • Anger and triggering it-note the specifics
  • Asperger’s Syndrome –the reasons why and the results and symptoms
  • Birth order and what that means-how are the kids different who are born in different orders
  • Borderline Personality disorder-explain and define it
  • Schizophrenia-the symptoms and medical advances
  • Music and the effect on learning
  • What is sadism and what causes it
  • Spousal abuse and the reasons and effects
  • Revenge and why it happens
  • Stuttering and stammering-why it happens
  • Internet connections and love-why it happens and what are the consequences
  • Internet addiction and who is susceptible to it
  • Why you smoke and how to stop it
  • What causes sleeping disorders and what are the consequences of having them
  • What is an Id and how can I control it
  • Stereotyping and its ill effects and when is it ever true
  • Social anxiety and can you overcome it
  • Retail therapy-does it really exist
  • Self-esteem and how to boost it
  • Bullies-and why the amount and reporting of them have increased
  • Guilt-are you born with it and how do your get rid of it

Then trick to writing a college essay is the level at which you approach and dig into the subject. Many of these topics would be suitable for high school students, but it would be expected that the depth would not be there. There will need to be, at the college level, case studies, theories, and data to support whatever you are trying to prove or explore.

Published on  June 8th, 2016


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