Writing Academic Papers for Other Students

Let’s face the facts: school is hard. Whether it’s high school or college, students are pretty sure to discover that there’s nothing simplistic about education. With a fast-moving curriculum that doesn’t cater to individual needs, a majority of today’s students are actually considered “behind” or “below grade level.” These students, though, aren’t idiots, and they certainly aren’t slacking off. With overwhelming workloads, lightning-fast lessons and little time for extended help, it’s no wonder so many students are falling behind. Instead of giving up and dropping out, some students have turned to their peers – as well as online services – for help. These people aid them by writing academic assignments for them. Is this safe? Is this right?

False Perceptions of Essay-Writing Help

Writing academic papers for other students is not a new occurrence. It’s been happening practically since modern education was invented. However, the reality of it is often miscommunicated. Most people believe that individuals who write papers for other students are either a) nerds, bullied into doing another student’s work, or b) money-grabbers taking advantage of struggling students. Writers composing papers for other students, however, are often neither savvy investors nor fearful bookworms. Most of the time, they are regular people seeking to help a friend in dire need. There are no underlying motives involved. It’s, usual, an honest practice that has been made to seem dishonest by an overbearing and overwhelming educational field.

The same basically goes for writers that work for online essay-writing companies. They understand the issues plaguing students today and know that modern education provides little to no support for their issues. By writing papers for the students, they allow them to spend more time trying to understand the material – time that otherwise would have been wasted on headaches and hours of frustrated, poor-quality essay writing. What’s great about these companies, also, is that they have mountains of expertise that contribute to swift, high-quality writing. This means students don’t just get a rushed essay to fill their academic requirement; they get a top-notch assignment that will improve their GPA and give them a higher likelihood of achieving higher levels of education. Isn’t that the key to success?

Essay Writing Services: Not a Moral Dilemma

Writing academic papers for other students is not a moral issue: it’s a social service. Without the selfless actions of these individuals, many more students would flounder and fail. With drop out rates already skyrocketing, shouldn’t we be encouraging (regulated!) assistance between students? Remember, when students are struggling, they always have a fallback option: they can always take some time off and allow someone else to write the assignment for them.

Published on  November 22nd, 2012


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