Secrets of a solid research paper proposal

When you are writing a research paper proposal, you need to make sure your paper is well organized and that you use each and every paragraph sparingly and appropriately. For the proposal, you need to provide short insight into what you are going to cover and address what it matters. In doing so, you can ensure you get the approval that you need to start the research paper.

The proposal needs to be concise. It needs to show that you have conducted adequate rudimentary research to uncover enough published material to prove to a review board that your research paper can be adequately covered. If you cannot show that even a rudimentary keyword search presents any published material that is academic in nature, then you won’t be able to write a comprehensive paper.

Paragraphs for your research paper proposal

Because the research paper proposal has to be short and sweet, you need to make sure each paragraph counts. But you cannot do that if you are unsure of what a paragraph is or how it should be laid out. What are paragraphs? They are collections of related sentences that relate to a single topic. Learning how to write a good paragraph will help you to keep your arguments on track while you write, and will enable you to stay on track while you draft and revise your paper. Having good paragraphs will enable your readers to follow whatever style of writing you are doing. Even if you have great ideas, with unorganized paragraphs the readers will be lost. This will inevitably end with you failing to achieve the real purpose or goal of your writing.

The basic rule for paragraph organization is to keep one idea per paragraph. If you start to transition into a new idea, then you need to form a new paragraph. There are a few simple ways for you to tell if you are still on the same topic or if you have moved to a new one. You can write about one idea with multiple pieces of supporting evidence within the same paragraph. You can also have several points made in a single paragraph, so long as the points you make all relate to the overall topic of your paragraph. If a single point becomes too long, then you may consider elaborating on the individual points and putting them in their individual paragraphs.

Published on  June 8th, 2016


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